About Us

IT Service Group is a company dedicated to the repair of tablets and electronic equipment for industrial use. Our experience and quality of results is guaranteed by those clients who have maintained their preference and trust in us throughout all these years. Industrial lord if you are informed that the damaged parts of your electronic control cannot be repaired, that they will take a long time, that it is very expensive, that you must buy new electronic tablets, that there are no spare parts, that you must send it abroad, that your machine is broken the manufacturer must check it, that such electronic equipment must be exchanged with the manufacturer, or that he must bring a specialized technician from abroad, we humbly invite him to consult us.

IT Service Group is a national leader in component-level repairs, testing and electronic diagnosis. We have a specialized laboratory to check all types of electronic tablets and equipment for industrial use; we have the support of highly qualified personnel to review all types of industrial machinery and computerized numerical control.

IT Service Group agrees that you need a trustworthy and honest company, values that we work on a daily basis, and that allows you to be more than satisfied and that the relationship with each of our clients be strengthened more. Furthermore, we are not only able to do the work, but we also understand their industrial needs and seek to solve them in the field that concerns us.

We are very grateful that you have contacted us by recommending another of our clients or friends. Below are the following services provided by us

IT Service Group