Get Repair Service at your Door Step

Are your electronic equipment’s suffering a set back? If so, then certainly there is a need for some physician to the electronic gadgets. Who else can be a better doctor than the IT Service Group! The IT Service Group has been supporting the electronic equipment’s for the past few years.

By providing unique electronic solutions to its customers, the IT Service Group has been using advanced solutions in repairing gadgets. The engineering solutions that our staffs provide yield to long-lasting life of the electronic assets. Further, customer satisfaction is what we look forward to.

What makes us stand out of the crowd is our in-house services. Hence, all you need to do is to just make a call and we will offer you doorstep service.  Further, we pick up your gadgets and deliver them (if required) once it is repaired. Surprisingly, this whole affair is FREE of cost!

Take a look at the range of services that we provide:

Laptop repairing: When your laptop is not in proper condition, you ought to get frustrated. Every repairing we do, deals with the hardware of the computer. We deliver you machine on time.

Printer repairing: A not working printer is not to be addressed. The IT Service Group caters to all kinds of repairments of a printer. Starting from cartridge problem to internal issues everything is looked after by our engineers.

LED TV repairing: The LED TV is repaired with the top-notch spare parts. Our expert team professionals take up every work with outmost care. The connections and every minute detail are checked properly.

Mobile repairing: In today’s world, a day without mobile phone is absolutely impossible. At the same time, it is not possible to buy mobile phones every month. So, the best thing that you can do is to consult and call the professional engineers of IT Service Group.

AC repairing: In hot summer days, it is really difficult to survive without an A.C. And since it is a machine, it is bound to wear and tear. The experts of IT Service Group will reach your house in no time.

Fridge repairing: A damaged refrigerator yields to stale food. As a result, food poisoning is the only output. So, if you have to prevent bad health, call the engineers of IT Service Group.

Washing machine repairing: In order to prevent your excess labor, the high-end engineers of IT Service Group help you in repairing the worn out washing machine. You can either contact us online or make a call for appointment.

Micro-oven repairing: IT Service Group engineers ensure you warm delicious food right from the oven by providing you top-notch spare parts. Every nitty-gritty of the micro-oven is made to be used. However, after service, if you find any problem, do not hesitate to contact us soon.

CCTV camera installation and repairing: We install the CCTV camera and repair it with care and concern. The installation does not take much time. Also, the efficiency of our team experts makes installation and repairing job easy.